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You are what you read... I spend a good bit of time reading and trying to keep up with the newest trends in Internet marketing. There's a lot of good information available to you for free, but to get the really good stuff it's sometimes worth investing a little bit of money. html And then of course there is the Bible of selling online... MYSS! com/ MYSS! is an absolute steal, being given away at an insane priceCory's course is steep for some but easily10 Times worth the investment. These two courses are the best of their breed by far...

All you have to do is make sure they'll want it, show them the benefit of having it, and simply ask them to buy. com It's just like when you go to McDonalds and order just a burger and the cashier asks if you'd like fries and a coke. You thought you just wanted a burger but you end up with the fries and drink because you really wanted that tooYou won't always be in the position to offer up-sell product starting, but as you get more experienced you will see some obvious opportunities; if you're selling information it will be easy to create good complementary products that your customer will want.

On the other hand- Yahoo allows you to bid on your ad exposure. You may have a product that fits into a category with no competition- you can buy a day's worth of the sites best advertising for a quarter. I once netted over $300 on a Yahoo Dutch auction with a small $2 in advertising... AuctionTip #91: Information Products Are the Way To Go Selling information by CD is the way to go on eBay. The competition can be fierce but your inventory costs are laughably low and your markups are high. Simply find the hottest selling information products and change them a little, give them a name and make them yours.

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