2009 International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, E.

By Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, E. Lawrence

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This program’s J2ME based design will allow it to grow with the technology. We are looking in to new forms of integration to expand the functionality of the core program. Figure 8. Quiz Question Screen Progress indicators at the top of the screen let the user know what question they are on. As before, a correct or incorrect screen is shown depending on whether they answered correctly or not. Unlike the questions given in the non-quiz portion of the program, if the user answers a question wrong they proceed to the 26 We are working to add voice recognition to the question sections of the program.

Figure 6. Incorrect screen Figure 9. Quiz passed This continues until all of the facts in the section have been shown. Once the facts are all shown and the corresponding answers are answered, the user enters the section quiz (Figure 7). If the user incorrectly answers one or more questions they are shown a quiz failed screen (Figure 10) and repeat the entire section from the beginning. This cycle continues until the user has completed all 10 learning sections. Figure 7. Quiz Welcome Screen Figure 10.

Multiple Comparisons Post Hoc tests revealed significant mean differences only for faculty members in focus on improvement as compared with faculty members in focus on use. 2 Multivariate Interaction Effect Results SPSS multivariate tests provided significant results of faculty perceptions of conditions for the successful implementation of WBIT when faculty SoC and LoU were taken into consideration. 001). 001. Figure 1 displays a disordinal interaction of LoU by SoC for C2. Results suggested that the need for knowledge & skills at different LoU is not consistent along different levels of SoC.

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