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Carefully mark the location of the mounting brackets and center line of the crankshaft on the paper. Place the pattern on the full-size profile drawing between stations 6 and S and shi ft it around until the crankshaft center line is at an angle of 10 dcg. L. Check the oil pan, flywheel and the transmission housing for clearance with the apron and ribs. en th e engine pattern is in position, F ig. 30, fasten it down with tape and draw an extension of the crankshaft line across the keel and apron.

For forms Pivoted Footrest in Boat Swings Out of the Way for Ba iling Footrests usually are attached so that they are in the way when scrubbing or bailing out a boat. If the rest is pivoted, it may be turlled out of the way when not in use. The pivot bolt should be tight enough to hold the rest in closed position. 33 " ONCE this detachable keel is installed on your rowboat and locked in place with the camming arrangement shown you not only can run free before the wind with a suitable sail but you also can do systematic tacking in any safe sailing waters.

These dimensions apĀ· ply to all stations except stations 1 and 2, which are slightly narrowel" because the apron lapel'S to 3 1h in. where it joins the bow-stem block, To draw in the notch for the chine batten, draw a line parallel with and 1112 in, from the faired line at the chine end, MeasĀ· ure 3 in. along this line from where it intersects the straight line from the chine to top-of-keel. All chine notches a l'e made the same way with the exception of station 1. ;om the point of intersection of the straight and faired lines to the point of intersection of two lines drawn parallel with and 3 1/4 in, ft'om the straight and faired lines, Cut out the pattem as indicated by the shaded al'ea in Fig, 3, allowing it to extend about an inch beyond the sheer line for fl'im, Also, make a cut on line X to mark the ends of the ribs as shown in Fig.

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