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High Wire 47 Avuncular (for Andy and Mates at no. ) (The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom) The boys on Golgotha Road are living it large with beers and women football and verse. Why not? The address is enough to make them feel the pressure of the skull beneath the skin, each cobblestone to the front door reminds them of a death’s head as every day they tread the road of thieves and crackpot saviours who trudge towards redemption via the tortured flesh and mind. It’s best not to live too thin in this scenario of exploding martyrs, the world shaking with broken glass and bodies.

Look forward, you said clear for Autumn, prepare a winter harvest. High Wire 31 The Politician Retires The thing is, Norman, I can call you Norman after all these years you’ve been driving me? The thing is no outsider understands. The press, the public, they’re like spectators at the match, none of them can play, but they call and bray from touchlines; they don’t know the game the skills, the pressure, the nudge and elbow off the ball, the responsibility. And of course it’s all for them — you get paid for playing, sure, but it’s the performance that counts the way the ‘papers report it, the photographs the image of it all.

All the best old son. Here’s fifty for your trouble. High Wire 33 Rules of Engagement Always choose the poor of the earth to bomb, machine gun and terrorise; they are used to oppression to be a refugee is their ambition. Tell no one what you’re doing. Say, it is for freedom and democracy, that’s enough for them to know: manipulate the media. Let the home front suck the pap of popular culture; it encourages ignorance and indifference to the other peoples of the world. Never state your aims clearly.

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