A Critical Edition of Yeats' ''A Vision'' by William Butler Yeats, George M. Harper, Walter K. Hood

By William Butler Yeats, George M. Harper, Walter K. Hood

1925. Contents: a packet for Ezra Pound; tales of Michael Robartes and his pals: an extract from a checklist made via his scholars; levels of moon; nice wheel; accomplished image; soul in judgment; nice 12 months of ancients; dove or swan; all soul's evening, an epilogue. With many figures and illustrations.

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He began to walk away and I followed, and presently we fell into talk about indifferent things. I dined with him at the hotel and after dinner he brought out diagrams and notes, and began explaining their general drift. The sheets of paper which were often soiled and torn were rolled up in a bit of old camel skin and tied in bundles with bits of cord and bits of an old shoe-lace. This bundle, he explained, described the mathematical law of history, that bundle the adventure of the soul after death, that other the interaction between the living and the dead and so on.

ROBARTES When all the dough has been so kneaded up That it can take what form cook Nature fancy The first thin crescent is wheeled round once more. 20 8 AHERNE But the escape; the song's not finished yet. ROBARTES Hunchback and Saint and Fool are the last crescents. The burning bow that once could shoot an arrow Out of the up and down, the wagon wheel Of beauty's cruelty and wisdom's chatter— Out of that raving tide—is drawn betwixt Deformity of body and of mind. AHERNE Were not our beds far off I'd ring the bell, Stand under the rough roof-timbers of the hall 10 Beside the castle door, where all is stark Austerity, a place set out for wisdom That he will never find; I'd play a part; He would never know me after all these years But take me for some drunken country man; 15 I'd stand and mutter there until he caught " Hunchback and Saint and Fool," and that they came Under the three last crescents of the moon, And then I'd stagger out.

A Will at Phase 18 would have the exact amount of antithetical inclination that a Will at Phase 4 would have of primary. On the other hand, a Witt at Phase 18 and Creative Mind at Phase 12 are exactly the same in the proportions of their Tinctures, have exactly 17 the same quality of Tincture but move in opposite directions—one is going from Phase 1 to Phase 28 and the other from Phase 28 to Phase 1. It is therefore necessary to consider both direction and quality. The relations between Will and Mask, Creative Mind and Body of Fate are called oppositions, and upon some occasions contrasts, while those between Will and Creative Mind, Mask and Body of Fate are called—for reasons which will appear later—discords.

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