A Flame of Learning, Krishnamurti with Teachers by J. Krishnamurti

By J. Krishnamurti

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Ordinary schools say you must have short hair; if you don’t, please get out. That’s the end of it. But here we’re not like that. T: We don’t do it that way. K: No, we don’t. I know we’d like to do it that way, but we don’t do it that way. T: But would we like to do it that way? K: How do you deal with this? Is there a way of dealing with this problem without constant repetition, talking over, pointing out day after day, which is 31 exhausting, tiring? Do you do it, or do we all do it? Silence. Is it that only you do it, madam?

K: That’s what I don’t want. It’s terribly boring to me, as a new teacher, if when I come here I’ve got to repeat the same thing over and over. Is there a way of doing it differently? 32 T: Isn’t that the very situation we are generally going into here? You come with all sorts of notions, and you examine them. K: No, you see, I think there’s something not right about this constant repetition. Forgive me. T: You’re not saying that you’d like to see some long hair? K: No, I’m objecting as a new teacher.

58 K: No, I don’t have to look, it is there. T: But then just to look at violence is just looking at what is. K: That’s what I’m saying, just look. Observation has no motive. T: But you’ve directed it at violence. K: I’m looking at violence. T: Yes. But at violence and not at planting trees or something else; you’re looking at violence. K: I said so. T: It is directed at a particular thing. K: I am looking at violence; don’t translate it further. Help me to look at it without motive. I realize that if I have a motive, I’m already distorting it.

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