A Treatise on Crystallography by Lewis W. J.

By Lewis W. J.

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Peer pressure had squeezed their vision out of all whack with reality. Psychologist Paul Ekman has demonstrated that the faces we make recast our moods, reset our nervous systems, and fill us with the feelings the facial expressions indicate. To make matters worse, many of those whose vision hadn’t been deceived had also become inadvertent collaborators in the praise of the emperor’s new clothes. Some did it out of self-doubt. They were convinced that the facts their eyes reported were wrong, the herd was right, and that an optical illusion had tricked them into seeing things.

Endnotes CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT The Constitution, War, and the Draft - from The Revolution: A Manifesto Amnesia in America - Or, the Sociology of Forgetting Columbus and Western Civilization Saving Private Power - The Hidden History of “The Good War” Myth #1: WWII Was “Good” Myth #2: WWII Was Inevitable Myth #3: The Allies Fought to Liberate the Death Camps Myth #4: The Attack on Pearl Harbor Was a Surprise Myth #5: Only the Axis Nations Committed War Crimes Myth #6: The Atomic ombs Dropped on Japan Were Necessary Myth #7: WWII Was Fought to End Fascism Myth #8: The Legacy of WWII Is “Good” What I Didn’t Know About the Communist Conspiracy New Books on Soviet Espionage Dreaming Up America Reel One - The Earliest Signs of an American Sensibility Forging America’s Idea of Itself TRIPPING Drug War Mythology Myth: Law enforcement rarely arrest or jail drug offenders.

The New Guinean natives possessed something better: names for each animal variety, names whose local definitions pinpointed characteristics Diamond had never been taught to differentiate—everything from a bird’s peculiarities of deportment to its taste when grilled over a flame. Diamond had binoculars and state-of-the-art taxonomy. 48 They were equipped with a vocabulary, each word of which compacted the experience of armies of bird-hunting and bird-munching ancestors. All too often when we see someone perform an action without a name, we rapidly forget its alien outlines and tailor our recall to fit the patterns dictated by convention...

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