Adolescence : its social psychology, with an introduction to by Fleming C

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The diseases and unrest bred in the young by life in shops, offices, factories and schools increases…the thin limbs, collapsed shoulders or chests, the bilateral asymmetry, weak hearts, lungs, eyes, puny and bad voices, muddy or pallid complexions, tired ways, dyspeptic stomachs…. Now, instead of head-hunting, winning a new name, wrestling alone with spirits or other of the drastic initiations of savages, the civilised and more sedentary youth must vent his intensification of personal feeling in dreams of greatness….

A like absence of any special interest in the experiences of young people is an observable characteristic of similar simpler societies today. 6 It is believed to occur at a specific time and its consummation is followed by admission to the privileges of adult life. Little attention is paid to the wishes or the variabilities of individuals; but on the other hand there is commonly in such societies no prolonged period in which a physiologically mature youth is debarred from full functioning as a member of the group.

In neural organisation, muscular capacity and glandular functions the basic processes are alike in all. Reactions towards these experiences do not, however, share this universality; and for this reason generalisations as to changes in ambitions, wishes, interests or attitudes as well as comments upon modifications in the expression of emotions or alterations in social behaviour have to be made with extreme caution and with an awareness that what is reported is not necessarily an attribute of adolescence as such, but rather of adolescence in a certain family circle in a given country at a specified period of its history.

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