Agricultural Household Modelling and Family Economics by FRANCE CAILLAVET, HERVÉ GUYOMARD and ROBERT LIFRAN (Eds.)


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Unfortunately m a n y important matters in model specification are not discussed here, including realistic specifications of land and labor markets and their linkages. T h e subject of this paper is further discussed in Coyle (1992c). 1. Duality specifications for separable models Early applications o f agricultural household models typically assumed that consumption and production are separable, so that consumption a n d production models are recursive. Separability holds under fairly restrictive conditions: complete and competitive markets, zero transaction and c o m m u t i n g costs, perfect sustitutibility in production sustitutibility in consumption independence of farm between farm family a n d hired labor, perfect between on-farm a n d off-farm e m p l o y m e n t , a n d productivity from farm household consumption ( e .

Grootaert C , 1986, Measuring and Analyzing Levels of Living in Developing Countries: A n Annotated Questionnaire. Working Paper 24, L S M S , T h e World Bank. Hansen L. , 1982, Large Sample Properties of Generalised Method of M o m e n t s Estimators. Econometrica, 50, pp. 1029-54. , 1 9 9 1 , Productivity of Men and W o m e n and the Sexual Division of Labor in Peasant Agriculture of the Peruvian Sierra. Journal Economics, of Development 37, pp. 265-88. , 1992, Modeles doveloppement. d'oconomie paysanne dans les pays en voie de Unpublished Ph.

T h e quality of t h e data could also intervene in t h e choice between several models. In s o m e cases the only possibility is a d e m a n d system estimation. T h e possibility of an efficient instrumentation depends upon t h e availability of suitable instruments. 36/Agricultural Household Modelling and Family Economics Realism and consistency of the model T h e only clearly consistent method is the complete model since it takes explicitly into account all the aspects of the agents' behaviour.

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