Building by Philip Wilkinson

By Philip Wilkinson

Full-color paintings, together with cutaway illustrations and exploded perspectives, explores the various world's most renowned architectural landmarks, together with the Paris Opera, the Taj Mahal, and Grand vital Station.

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THE LEGGETT One of the most important tools for reed thatching is the leggett – a board with a long handle attached. The board is studded with nails or copper rings. The leggett is used to bang the ends of the reeds to straighten them. 30 Eave course – reed thatch laid at the eaves 2 TIED DOWN NEW ENGLAND THATCH Some of the compact whitewashed houses on the Isle of Man, off the coast of England, have thatched roofs. The local style, shown in this example, is to tie the thatch down with rope secured to pegs in the gable of the house.

This carved stone panel includes beasts such as unicorns and monkeys, as well as stylized flowers in the roundels. The baroque ceilings of the 17th century were often painted to represent the artist’s idea of heaven. This was usually a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds, populated by cheerful winged cherubs. A false perspective was often used, which had the effect of making the ceiling look like a real sky. ZIGZAGS The Romanesque style, based on rounded arches, groin vaults, and a modest use of moldings, became popular during the Middle Ages.

Flowers of colored porcelain Eastern ornament Countries such as India, China, and Thailand developed very distinctive styles of architecture, with their own typical ornamental motifs. In China, for example, the most common motifs are dragons (which were associated with the emperor), flowers such as chrysanthemums and peonies, and geometrical shapes such as octagons and circles. These decorations can appear in many different parts of a building, from roof tiles to silk wall hangings. Indian art has several different styles of decoration, from the intricate statues and friezes on the outsides of some Hindu temples, to inlaid marbles and precious stones in subtle, flowery patterns.

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