Aphasia and Brain Organization by Ivar Reinvang

By Ivar Reinvang

This booklet offers the paintings on aphasia popping out of the Institute for Aphasia and Stroke in Norway in the course of its 10 years of life. instead of reviewing formerly offered paintings, it used to be my wish to supply a unified research and dialogue of our collected information. The empirical foundation for the research is a pretty big team (249 sufferers) investigated with a customary, accomplished set of systems. checks of language services needs to be constructed anew for every language, yet comparability of my findings with different contemporary compre­ hensive reviews of aphasia is faciliated by means of shut parallels in attempt meth­ ods (Chapter 2). The type procedure used is at the moment the main approved neurological process, yet i've got operationalized it for learn reasons (Chapter 3). The analyses awarded are in keeping with the view that aphasia is a side of a multidimensional disturbance of mind functionality. locate­ ings of linked disturbances and adaptations within the aphasic situation through the years were pushed aside through a few as inappropriate to the learn of aphasia as a language deficit. My view is this wealthy and complicated set of findings supplies very important clues to the association of mind capabilities in people. I current analyses of the connection of aphasia to neuropsychological problems in conceptual association, reminiscence, visuospatial skills and apraxia (Chapters four, five, and 6), and that i examine the diversities with time of the aphasic situation (Chapter 8).

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Speech is produced without effort and has complex grammatical structure. Informational content is deficient (Goodglass & Kaplan, 1972; Huber, Stachowiack, Poeck, & Kerschensteiner, 1975). The term jargon aphasia is sometimes used for cases in which speech is totally incomprehensible, but jargon is not confined toWernicke aphasia (Benson & Geschwind, 1977). Repetition is usually disturbed to the same degree as auditory comprehension, whereas naming performances may vary. Reading and writing are usually severely disturbed, but in some cases, they are preserved (Lecours & Rouillon, 1976).

9. More detailed tables are given in the handbook for the test. 05 have been given as significant. There are few significant relationships between age and performance on different parts of the test. In general, the results indicate that separate norms should not be used for separate age groups. It must be added, however, that children were not represented in our standardization sample. The variables showing a weak interaction with age (repetition and naming) do not show a consistent trend of decreasing performance with increasing age.

The classical authors were uncertain about the frequency with which disturbances of reading and writing accompany the different aphasic syndromes and about the mechanism producing them. From the point of view of the controversy between "localizationists" and "holists," the inclusion of reading and writing among the basic variables affords an opportunity for comparing sense modalities (auditory and visual) and response modes (oral and graphic). All modern aphasia tests include tests of reading and writing.

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