Attention deficit disorder : practical coping methods by C. Fisher Barbara, Ross A Beckley

By C. Fisher Barbara, Ross A Beckley

Answering questions logically and systematically, realization Deficit disease: functional Coping equipment gets rid of the confusion universal between execs treating this sickness. The publication displays the authors' trust that upload represents a really advanced syndrome that calls for very particular prognosis, together with identity not just of particular attentional indicators but in addition of the opposite accompanying concerns. He elucidates an built-in method of remedy that makes use of drugs and coping mechanisms to deal with the explicit difficulties and comprehend the emotional concerns that could hinder the kid, adolescent, or grownup from operating to his or her complete power.

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4 Difficulties in Understanding ADD without hyperactivity individuals have a problem in understanding but once they “get it” they can use it. The frontal area of the brain is fine and their use of logic and problem-solving skills tends to be excellent once they are able to figure situations out. These problem-solving skills can be used to compensate for other deficits associated with the disorder. Often problems will not be seen due to the use of logic and strategy as a means of compensating. EXAMPLE Rather than attempt to read and understand directions, ADD individuals will put something together using logical analysis from a problem-solving approach.

As a result, they do not learn from their mistakes and can repeatedly apply the same solution that did not work the first time to the same problem time and again. There are learning disabilities for reading, spelling, and math. There is no sense of time. The ADHD individual can be gone for 2 hours and swear it was only 20 minutes. This is a task of the frontal processes and the ADHD individual has no ability to sense time. They also have difficulty with delaying gratification due to this problem.

They have no sense of time, so a few minutes could be forever and they can’t tolerate the wait. The frontal processes © 1999 by CRC Press LLC are down and they have no idea of how to wait. So they want it now and are determined to have it now, no matter what. 1 ADD Without Hyperactivity There is poor communication due to missing information, being distracted, and not being able to provide all of the information at one time in a clear, cohesive fashion. Something may be forgotten, the individuals may appear scattered, or a piece of the whole picture can be missing.

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