Basic Economics for Conservative Democrats by Lyndon H. Larouche

By Lyndon H. Larouche

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In fact, the financial status of pensions was even healthier than these numbers might suggest, because the contributions and benefits do not include the earnings accruing to the assets in the system. 6 times larger in 1987 than they were in 1975. The rapid expansion of the assets in the private pension system triggered a public policy response to enhanced pension funding that few anticipated when ERISA had been voted into law. The Effect of Tax Expenditures on Pension Regulation From many perspectives greater sums of money flowing into and residing in pension funds would seem a virtuous result of ERISA.

He cites a number of references for anyone interested in probing the matter further. 27 The mass is attributable to the scope of issues covered and the specific detail with which Congress articulated its intent in enacting the law. The complexity is related partly to the technical nature of the subject matter, as well as to the multiplicity of legislative committees involved in the development of the legislation and to the continuing jurisdictional authority of those committees over its various elements.

A Shift in Accounting Rules One other element of the story regarding pension regulation arose outside the boundaries established by federal law and relates to the financial accounting of pension benefits and obligations by plan sponsors. 42 Using this method and assuming the actuarial assumptions were met, an employer would contribute a steady percentage of a worker’s pay over the worker’s career, with the goal of accumulating sufficient resources at retirement to pay expected retirement benefits.

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