Refund Policy

We want to make sure you get the best customer service possible. A few mistakes are inevitable in this fast-paced industry, but we will do everything that’s necessary for your satisfaction and provide an excellent refund policy if there is ever a problem with one of our products or services. Below is a description of our policy and the key points to understand.

Cancelation and Refund Policy

You can cancel an order if you are not satisfied with the service you have purchased and have paid for. You must cancel your order within 24 hours of receiving the service. Within 96 hours, we will issue a refund to your order using the same payment method that you paid for it previously.

If you cancel your order after 24 hours, our cancellation and refund policy will not apply.

This policy also applies to cancelling an ongoing project. While we are already working on a project, we cannot offer postponements or service switching (exchanging an existing order with another service).

All orders must be cancelled or changed within 24 hours.

Order Revision and policy

If you are not satisfied with the project we have delivered to you, or if the delivery is late, you may request a revision or refund. We will keep the project in our possession and provide you with other services of Digital Marketing if the service or deliverable becomes unusable due to technical reasons, such as a Google update.

We will make the necessary changes to your project, and deliver it in a reasonable time frame, depending on how much work is required. We will also be happy to hold the revised project or any other equivalent service project until it is completed.