Profitable Keyword Research Services

Your website is valuable both as a sales and marketing tool. To increase monthly website traffic, calls, leads and sales, you have to do Keyword research and have to improve your search engine ranking. We will research your website and give you a detailed strategy that will help you rank higher on Google quickly.


Niche Based Keyword Research Services

Rank #1 With Low Competition Keywords


Decent Search Volume

We will thoroughly search the Internet, in your industry, to find the keywords with the most “decent” search volumes, meaning not too high and not too low. With our research, we aim to balance relevance and competition.


Long Tail Keywords

We provide long tail keyword research service to find those committed customers searching for something specific. They are rarer, but just as important to capture for your business. Our team won’t miss them.


Competitor Analysis

One of the most important aspects of keyword research is analyzing your primary competition. You will need to understand what others in the industry are doing, and we can help you get ahead of the game with our extensive competitor research.


Keyword Difficulty Analysis

Depending on your market and competition for your product or service, ranking high in search could be harder or easier. Our team will help you determine your strategy either way. We'll find out the profitable keywords for you.


Geo Targeted Keywords

Designing your keyword strategy around local metrics could be important to your business. If it’s necessary, we will turn our research focus to your business’ geographical concerns to target your local audience.


Keyword Relevancy

Our research team will find out which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your site. Using them, we can work together to increase your overall search volume and increase your opportunity to rank.

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Although we’re giving you the top-notch, world-class keyword research, we understand you may have a budget to meet. Therefore, we keep our keyword research service affordable for you with different packages. Here are the pricing plans, choose the one that fits your needs:

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